All Patients Are the Same When They Are On the Mend

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 14 December 1944, 8:30 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just came down from the early movie.  I don't know when I've enjoyed anything so much.  It was "Casanova Brown" with Gary Cooper, Theresa Wright, Frank Morgan and Anita Louise.  You must see it.  I'll not spoil it by telling you about it.

          No mail today, just the regular routine.  Saw a few patients in the morning, three off another ship and an additional one this afternoon.

          We've worked out something different for our Xmas menu.  I'll send it along to you as soon as they're run.  By the way, enclosed is an additional bit of humor.  Save it.

          I've been catching up on my mail.  Wrote Libby, the Bergmans, Ruth and your mother, Ethyl and Ward Gilman.  Will do another stack tonight and in a couple of days maybe I'll be all caught up.

          Ambie is feeling better.  All patients are the same when they are on the mend.  Complaints galore, but no sympathy from anyone.

          Just for lack of something different to do, I'm going to raise a mustache and a goatee, get a picture taken and zip it off again.

          Dear, get Dave to buy a roll of 35 mm film for a miniature camera (black and white) and air mail it to me.  Also if it is possible to make recordings of some of our party records I could sure use them. One disc recorded at 33-1/3 speed should accommodate five or six records.  Try it and see what you can do.

          Darling, do you remember Linda's first Xmas?  She really didn't know what it was about but we did.  After the war we'll do as before and enjoy all events to the fullest.

          Good night my love, my sweet, how I wish you were here of I was there.  Gimme a kiss!  Another! Let's go to bed.