Al Is Shore Based and Can Write Freely. I May not.

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
            Sunday  22 October 1944, 10:45 AM

Dearest Eleanor

          My, my, so hot and bothered about nothing.  Anyway, I haven't ignored your questions, and I'm sure that by now you've read the answer you've been wanting to hear.

          Sorry, darling that Lillian knew more about my visit with Al than you did but being shore based he can write freely whereas I may not.  I've told you that before but you still keep asking where did I go and what did I do.  I've tried to tell you and several times the censor has had to cut items out.  Please understand dear and when I get back I'll fill in the blank spaces.

          I wish you would go with Deb, Dave and Leon.  What the h---, it won't hurt Leon to spend and evening with his family and it would do you a lot of good to get out.

          I'm glad you aren't spending a lot of money for Xmas gifts.  I've spent plenty and you should find gifts for all.  Besides I'd never expected you to spend so much on cards.  However, it's done and I'll send them off if they reach me in time.

          Wish I could cut up that "darn bird."  As far as that goes I wouldn't mind eating a little of your home cooked chicken.

          Last night I went to that party I mentioned earlier this week.  The Captain, Ambie, Cox, Roberts, and I represented our ship. And how!  The hosts were a Mr. and Mrs. MacKay. I expect to see them after the war.  They have property in Los Angeles and are acquainted with Donald Douglas.  They will visit the states as soon as the war is over.  Anyway he asked me for our address and promised to look us up.

          The party itself was a dilly.  There were 6 couples and about 10 servicemen.  We consumed 8 quarts of liquor and several cases of beer.  The MacKays roasted two turkeys and a leg of pork  along with the trimmings.  By ten o'clock, when we left, we all were feeling pretty good and have an invitation to return.


          Sweet do you remember how I rebelled against those Sunday Family dinners?  Wouldn't I love to just get the kids and their gear in the back seat and with you beside me, drive over to your mother's or sisters' for a Sunday family dinner.  Isn't it funny how ones attitude can change?

          Well my love, I hope you're all cooled down and everything is serene.  I'd like to take you in my arms and kiss away your hurts (imaginary and true) but I can't until later.  In the meantime, Sweetheart, please be patient and understand that I'm in the Navy and can't do as I please.  I do love you and miss you even though I don't fell each page with sweet nothings.

          It is 11:25 and I have to freshen up for lunch.  Till later my Sweet with all the love that is in my heart I am