Hot Appendectomy

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
              Saturday 9 December 1944, 10:10

My Dearest

          Got three letters today--two from you and one from Libby acknowledging my letter.  However I didn't like the tone of your letters.  Sounded like you were getting down in the dumps again.  Buck up honey, you've got to.  Besides who knows what might happen out here and send me back to you.  I heard some talk today that may change things around here but I can't discuss it now.

          This morning I saw three patients and then made an inspection of the ship.  Then I found out that Ambie had turned in with an acute appendix and they were getting the surgery ready to operate so--I joined in with the festivities.  It was a tough one and lasted 1 hour and 20 min. and was it hot!  It was so hot that two of the corpsmen almost passed out with the heat and had to leave the surgery.  When it was over the doctor and all the rest of us were washed up.  However, a little air and some cold fruit juice (plus two hours in the sack) and we were in top shape again.

          Am organizing a choral group for Sunday services and Xmas.  Also planning a party for the men but so far my plans are wild ideas.  I'll talk to the skipper tomorrow and see what's what.

          Read a little more of "Prodigal Women."  It's a long book and I don't seem to be able to find much time to read.  I'll finish it someday and then I'll read "Strange Fruit."

          Am having a book shelf put in my room.  Little by little it's getting quite comfy.  Yes, I do have one room mate, Cox whom I've mentioned before.

          As far as Ruth and Harry are concerned, I really think it is all Ruth.  After all she is your sister and when Deb was alone it was the same story.  Harry never left his sister Goldie out in the cold and it should be Ruth's place to see that you are not alone either.  Ah, well, we've gone over that so many times that it is disgusting.  What I should do is write and tell them off in no uncertain words and leave it at that.  Well, we'll see.

          So you're moving to Long Beach?  Well!  If I get stationed there you'll stay in Santa Monica and I'll commute.  Haven't you learned yet?

          Yes dear air mail takes 7 to 10 days but regular mail takes better than three weeks.  I hope the cards get here soon so I can get them off.

          Honey, I'm completely run down now.  Oh yes, the movie tonight was Abbott and Costello in "It Ain't Hay." They always give me a laugh even the second viewing.        Sweet, do you remember the open house we had when I remodeled my office?  My wasn't I proud of my office and my first lady.  Well wait until you see my new office.  After this war Dr. Steingart will really show them how.

          One of the magazines I got recently was the Southern California State Journal.  It seems that both UCLA and USC are planning post-grad courses for service dentists. I could take them and practice at the same time.  The $75 a month should come in handy and I ought to be able to make expenses out of my work in my office. 

          Such plans, guess we'll just have to wait and see what develops.

          Good night, Sweetheart, till we meet tomorrow.  I love you so-o-o-o much