Get Hold of a Chicago Tribune of October 19th

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
             Sunday 24 December 1944, 6:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Got ten letters today and they were a most welcome Xmas present.  There was one from Libby and one from your mother.  The rest were from you.

          I was slightly inebriated last night and though I wrote you I probably didn't make much sense.  Anyway I feel swell today and I've snapped out of that mood I was in.  I didn't work today so I've spent a leisurely quiet Sunday reading eating and resting.

          No dear I don't play the piano.  It is in the mess hall.  I explained in a previous letter why I don't use it.  There is plenty of music aboard now so please don't send any more.  Yes I received the correspondence course.

          I don't know how long we'll stay here.  By the way get a hold of a Chicago Tribune of October 19th.  There is an interesting story in there which will answer many of your questions.  We should be moving further west in thirty days or so but that depends entirely on how well we fair in the present Philippine engagements.

          Yes, Hartfield will stay on as skipper. Our exec was the navigator aboard.  Right again.  I meant jigsaw and not crossword puzzles.  The Ocelot greeting when it is reduced in size is in V-mail form and photographed will look a lot different than it does in the original.  However I didn't send any out personally.  Instead I sent the cards I bought in Honolulu and those you sent me.

          Most of the men who went back to the states had been at sea since last January.  So you see there is a lot of chance for me to get back within the year and maybe sooner than we dare hope.  Let's keep our fingers crossed and see.

          Hartfield is a lieutenant.  I learned today that Samuels got in on construction of a new APA.

          How far do you think two pair of socks will go?  Send me half a dozen.

          Now Dearest, by the time you get this letter the holidays will be past and I do hope you've overcome your blueness.  I know it's hard to take but you must face it.  A few more months and who knows who'll walk in?

          Back to me.  Had religious services aboard today as usual and have arranged with a nearby aircraft carrier to send our men over there for Xmas services tomorrow.

          The movie tonight is "Kismet" with Marlene Dietrich besides a "March of Time." Last night's movie was "Babes on Swing Street" with Peggy Ryan and a couple of shorts not worth mentioning.

          My mustache and beard are coming right along and I do hope I can have a picture taken before I take it off.  I wonder if you'd know me?

          Darling, do you remember when we moved to San Diego how happy we were to be together?  Well this is our last separation.  When I return the war will be almost over and we'll always be together from then on.

          Good night my love, parting is such sweet sorrow, till me meet tomorrow.