Thirty Officers and Crew In Sick Bay

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
            Tuesday 21 November 1944, 9:20 AM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello honey, how is my sweetheart today? The mail service out here is lousy.  I haven't had any mail now since last Friday.  Here is hoping I get some this afternoon.

          Things were sure booming in sick bay yesterday.  We never did find out what it was but about thirty of our officers and crew turned in with nausea and diarrhea.  However after vomiting several times they got rid of whatever was causing their discomfort and this morning all is quiet and peaceful.

          We had a very good movie last night, "Summer Storm" with George Saunders and Linda Darnell.  See it if you can.

          I took out two impactions this morning.  One was rather simple but the other was a bear.  It was buried deep in the jaw bone and I had to split it into two pieces (the tooth not the jaw) to remove it.  I had expected several patients from another ship this morning but they didn't show up.  Hence I have time to write in the middle of the morning.

          Our library is in a hell of a mess once more.  It is open for only one hour a day and by the time the men get through browsing you couldn't tell where "a" ends and "z" begins.


12:45 PM

          Excuse the interruption; I've been busy with patients from 9:30 until 11:30 and then chow.  Now we'll continue our visit.  About the library--I spent a couple of hours there last night getting everything straightened out.  And then I noticed my watch had stopped.  I don't know what's wrong so I'll take it over to another ship where there is a watchmaker and try to get it fixed.  In the meantime I have my Bulova to fall back on.

          Mail came aboard this morning so I'm hoping there'll be something for me.  Am I perspiring!  I have a towel right handy and use it after almost each sentence. 

          Darling do you remember how tight I got at your graduation party?  That seems so long ago.  Actually it is only twelve years.  Guess a lot has happened since then.  Well dear, after the war we'll be together again and forever.

           So long honey with "lotions of love" (a la Winchell) I am your loving correspondent.