Roosevelt Is Still President

NOTE ON LETTER IN ELEANOR'S WRITING: Received November 17.  Postmarked November 11


Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
             Thursday 9 November 1944 1:45 PM

My Dearest

          Here I am again.  It's so blasted hot that I have a sheet of paper under my right hand and forearm to prevent this sheet I'm writing on from getting soaked from the sweat off my arm.

          I had an interesting experience today that I can talk about so here goes.  I was talking to the doctor in sick bay when a young ensign who was visiting one of the patients saw my B'nai B'rith ring.  He asked me what lodge I was a member of and it turned out that he is a Long Beach boy.  He knows many of our friends.  His name is Bill Spitzer and he is acquainted with Herman Stein, Mort Eisner, Bruce Stern, Dave Gindoff and Abe Weinberg.  Isn't this a small world?

          Well, my Sweet, the election is over and Roosevelt is still president.  We have a couple of "diehard" Republicans aboard and we've really had quite a time discussing politics and the future of our country.  Personally I am happy about the results and do feel that our country will be better off than if Dewey had been elected.

          How is by you?  I haven't received and mail since the last jackpot but I do hope to get another batch tomorrow.  Don't worry about the irregularity of my mail, it just can't be helped.  Anyway when I get back I'll have some interesting stories to tell.

          In the meantime, Honey, please be patient.  My love for you is unending and you are in my thoughts always.  Will write again tomorrow.  Until then