Navigator Pointed Out Stars and Constellations

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 25 October 1944, 12:00 (Midnight)

Dearest Eleanor,

          After writing last night, I intended to turn in because it was past 11:00 PM.  However there was no sleep in me so I went up on the bridge and kept the watch officers company.

          It was a beautiful night.  The sky was completely lit up by stars and a bright moon hanging high.  I just couldn't help think how wonderful it would be to have you with me on an ocean cruise.  When I turned in finally it was past twelve.

          Today was just another routine day.  Worked all morning and part of the afternoon.  It was rather stuffy in my office and I knocked off about 3:00 PM.  Spent the rest of the afternoon on the bridge.  We could see rain squalls on the horizon and expect some foul weather which didn't materialize.  The cloudy sky of early evening gradually cleared up and by 11:00 PM the stars and moon where shining in all their glory.

          Our navigator began pointing out various stars and constellations and before we got through I had a chart of all the large stars and planets which I'm going to study.  Astronomy is very fascinating and I will have time to do a little studying.

          It is really late night so I must say good night (better yet good morning) to my darling.  Until tomorrow, loving you always.

You husband