First Liberty in Two Weeks

NOTE ON LETTER IN ELEANOR'S HAND WRITING: "Received November 18th Postmarked November 11th"

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
              Sunday, 5 November 1944 5:45 PM

My Dearest,

          I went on liberty yesterday for the first time in two weeks and did I get stinko.  In fact all the officers who went on liberty were in the same condition but it was really fun.  Wish I could tell you more about it but "no can do."  Anyway when we returned I poured myself into my bunk and there I stayed until 5:30 AM.

          I woke up with no hangover and a healthy appetite so I guess I didn't over do.  Today the usual routine prevailed with one exception.  We had an appendectomy at which I assisted and it does help to break the monotony.

          Well darling, I began to say that was all the news but then the lights went off.  You see the ship is blacked out at sundown and so here it is Monday, 8:15 AM and I'm back to continue our visit.

          Boy, was it warm last night.  Did I say warm?  I should have said hot.  I sat out on the bridge which is usually quite a breezy place and there was hardly a stir in the air.  Further it was so dark that many were just groping around going from one part of the ship to another.  Seeing as it was so warm I decided there was no use sitting around and I turned in.

          I got into my birthday clothes, turned the fan directly on me and fell asleep to wake up soaked.  We had a regular pour down.  The rain came in my porthole and really cooled me down.  I was nice and cool for the rest of the night.  However, when I awoke I was just as hot as I was when I turned in (in more ways than one!).

          Well my Sweet, I'm going to sign off now.  Do you remember how nice and crisp and cold it was up at Mount Hood?  I don't think I'll ever get enough cool weather again.  Besides we'll need it cool when we are together again.  Goodbye my darling.