Returned to the Ship Drunk But Happy

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday, 15 December 1944, 7:30 PM

My Dearest,

          Hello darling how are you tonight?  Your Gil is just a wee bit tight so excuse any inconsistencies.

          I worked all morning and had an early lunch at 11:15 AM. We had fried shrimp for lunch and I did my duty.  You know how I go for shrimp.

           The reason for the early lunch.  I was to take charge of 69 men going on liberty.  We shoved off at noon and by that time the liberty list had dwindled to 51 men and seven cases of beer.  We hit the beach in about 25 minutes.  I never saw beer go so fast.  I just divided the cans up and let our men go their way.  Then I went to the Officers' Club and met some men I knew.  We began buying rounds and before I knew it, I was high, zowie.  At 4:00 PM the boat came back to the dock so I rounded up our men.  We returned to the ship drunk but happy and no casualties.

          Today there was no mail again. Believe me I was disappointed.  I looked in on Ambie a few minutes ago and blew my whiskey breath in his face.  We had a little good natured cussing back and forth.  He should be out of sick bay in a couple of days.

          Darling, do you remember how at parties I'd get tight and you'd get peeved?  Well after the war you'll have to join me and share some of my fun. I'm in no condition to continue so good night my Sweet; I'll see you in my dreams.