Box of Dried Fruit Crawling With Worms

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Friday 5 January 1945, 7:10 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Well it finally came, nineteen letters postmarked from the 17th to the 26th.  All from you, dear, except one each from your mother and mine and a card and letter from Libby.  Also, I received the B'nai B'rith Bulletin (straighten Pressler out on my address) and a box of dried fruit from Ethyl which was crawling with worms. I had to throw it out. Yesterday, I also received taffies from my mother.  They also were also in bad shape.  Any food that is sent must be able to withstand heat up to 140 degrees or it won't keep.  I don't know whether to tell Ethyl or not.  If I don't and just thank her, she might just go ahead and send me more.  I'll leave it up to you to tell her or not.

          We had "Dancing in Manhattan" recently, and we saw "An American Romance" in Pearl Harbor.  Props 1 and 2 only get my partial approval.

          Your pre Xmas days seem quite busy and the tone of your letters lead me to believe that you are feeling better, I do hope so!  My goodness, Xmas shopping, working at the Marbros, fretting kiddies at night, mice running around.  My! I wish I was there to help.

          Linda's dancing and scholastic progress doesn't surprise me.  After all look who her parents are (snicker).  Norma will pull a few surprises on you too, just wait and see.

          I'm going to the movie now and will finish writing after the show.  Until then


9:30 PM
          Hello darling, here I am back again.  The movie tonight was "The Man on Half Moon Street" with Nils Aster and Helen Walker.  A fantastic story but interesting.

          And now back to your letters.  I got the Shrader card and will acknowledge it tonight.  Of course Dave has been in the states a long time but remember Dear, wherever I am I'm safe.  When Marines shove off you can't say that for them.  They are strictly combatant.

          From the way you rave about the dolls they must be something.  I chose them from a catalogue. In fact I almost bought some furry animals.  Now I'm surely glad I didn't.

          No dear I don't recopy your "do you remember."  It's just a case of two minds with a single thought.  By the way figure two months for packages to reach me so don't be too impatient if either yours or mine seem overdue.  They'll all get there in due time.

          Yes dear, my corpsman is the same one that was aboard in Diego.  Cox is an ensign but should make j.g. next month.  Ambie is the engineer.  Right again Watson.  His appendix is gone and he is around and back on the job.

          I'm looking forward to my birthday gifts.  Are my Xmas and birthday gifts together or separate?  Anything to play with will be a swell change.

          I believe I've mentioned it before, but, if I haven't, I've shaved my beard but still have my mustache.  I know there is a ban on recordings, but nevertheless they seem to get through.  I'll be looking for them.

          Since when did you get an inferiority complex?  What ails you is pride and the hurt of the thoughtlessness of supposed friends.  Just wait until I get back.  We'll see.

          I'm really concerned about your mother.  Why doesn't she get competent medical advice and treatment or is she still worrying about who gets her money.  How about calling on her darling nephew for advice?  I do hope your next letters bring more encouraging news.

          Your description of the living room on Xmas eve with all the gifts and pictures are very vivid.  I can see it just as if I were there.  I do hope that you will never again be called on to describe Xmas eve to me.

          So Dave is still the expert photographer he always has been.  Let's hope something comes out with hands and feet and head all in one picture.

          Xmas day seemed to keep you busy and I'm glad the day passed quickly.  Wish all days would pass quickly for both you and me until we are once again together.

          That poem you sent about War Wives made a big hit and several officers want copies to send home just as you surmised.

          Well Honey, nothing more that's new.  That rumor still is the same and so I'm hoping for the best.

          Darling do you remember how we always planned everything months in advance?  Well we can continue doing that.  We're not going to let the war just change everything are we?

          Good night Sweet and pleasant dreams.  I know that after rereading your sweet letters I'll sleep and dream of you tonight