Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
             Friday 3 November 1944, 10:00 PM

My Dearest

          Today I hit the jackpot again.  After days of no mail I received twenty-two letters, all at one time.  Sixteen from you, a couple from Libby, Ruth, Gilman, Manny, and the Fleishers. That was some haul. Three of the letters bear an October 9 postmark and looked like they had been soaked down.  It is my guess that these letters were on that plane that went down between the States and some of our Pacific Islands.  Anyway they were late but plenty welcome.

          I have arranged your letters chronologically and will try to cover anything that needs any comment.

          First Honey, I'm glad that you are getting out for a little recreation.  As a matter of fact all your letters have a much more cheerful tone and believe me that does make me much happier.

          The mails are going to be very slow from now on until well after Xmas so be patient if you don't hear right on the dot.  If you have anything to send on don't stall.

          I do wish I could see your new hairdo.  So you think I'd like it?  Well you know me so you can tell even if I don't see it.

          My throat cleared up quickly as did my cold and I'm in the pink right now.  I am all through with my shots and their effects. It should be smooth sailing from here on out.

          I am looking forward to the book you mention.  Do you think it is safe reading with so many sailors around? Ah Well, I'll let you know after I've read it.

          Those Xmas cards will never reach me in time so I may stow them away for next year and we'll sign both of our names to them.  By the time you get this letter the package I sent should have arrived and I hope everything will be OK.

          The Halloween party sounds very nice and I'm very sorry not to have been there to see my girls parade around, play games and entertain.

          Nina's split up with Jack isn't all surprising.  You could see it coming every time you saw them together.  However I am surprised at her joining the WACs.  Frankly I don't believe that it was purely a sex problem.  She had her friends and ways: he had his and neither was willing to compromise and divorce is the result.  After all no woman would suit me either after having loved and known you.  By comparison the same probably applies in their case.

          Regarding the office accounts.  Write or phone all who haven't made payment s in the past 30 days.  If you don't get any response turn them over to the bureau.  Pay particular attention to: Shelling, Teaham, and Mitchel.  Go easy on Curry, Guber, and Mellick.  Turn over Buchwalter  right away.  Accept the $20 from Solgado.  We would only net $5 more if we sued and would have to wait for our money.  In the future use your judgment.  Too much time slips buy for me to advise you.

          I really missed Halloween and the kids. Though I wasn't there I was wondering what you were doing.  I suppose I'll get a full report soon now.

          I hope you've sent in my correspondence course.  It takes too much time to send it to you for typing, so I'll have to write it out longhand.

          Still worrying about money?  Forget it and I shan't repeat myself again.

          I told you Mary and Wally would patch things up.  I would have bet my bottom dollars.  And by the way lay off the liquor.  Give other gifts. Whiskey such as "V.O." is practically gone, so put it away and forget about it.  Get Dr. White something at the Marbros.  They have plenty of stuff for men.  Just how far do you think a bottle of whiskey will go with just the family?  Again I say leave it alone.  I sound like a real drunk but good stuff is very hard to get and I'd rather not give it away.

          Sounds like you had a nice time with Freda and I'll drop her a note as soon as I'm caught up on my correspondence.

          Sounds like Dick and his band are really going places.  Doubling with Tommy Dorsey is really something to brag about.  I bet Ruth and Harry are really proud and they should be.

          About the rumor that I'm coming home on a furlough (really leave).  I'm afraid it's just a rumor after all.  So Ivie and Crossland are shipping out .  Well maybe, I'll see them maybe.  This Navy is really small when it comes to meeting old friends. McPherson was stationed with Jim but hasn't been there for several months.  Guess Mrs. Schurr was a little mixed up.

          The party at the Beverly Hills Hotel sounds quite nice and when I get back we have a date to go there so put it down in you date book.  You can fill the date later on.

          From what you write I'm never know my girls when I get back.  I just hope they remember me if only just a little.  Norma is really moving, right along and Linda must be quite a young lady now.  I've been away now for a few days over three months and it seems like three years.  I have a hunch that when I return I'll be back for good even if this war is still unfinished. I do think that my returning won't be too long from now.

          I've written to Edith about a watch and though I haven't heard from her  I'm sure she'll take care of it for me.  As far as what you are spending, I don't care Dear, go ahead and have fun.  That's what money is for anyway.

          Well Darling, the invasion of the Philippines is moving right along.  Though I am not involved in that action, all Navy ships and personnel  in the Pacific area fit in the general plan and have their jobs to accomplish, each one small but all working to a common goal, a final and lasting peace after a decisive victory.

          It is now midnight and time I turned in.  Honey do you remember my first weekend home after I had reported in San Diego?  Well our next meeting will just make that seem like a couple of kids playing house and I hope it'll last more than just a weekend.

          Goodnight my darling, till tomorrow.  I'll see you in my dreams.



Eleanor didn't know, but this is where Gil was.