Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
              Sunday 3 December 1944, 9:15 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello my Darling, Sunday at home was never like this.  Worked all morning. When the mail orderly returned--not a thing in his bag for me.  Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait.

          This being Sunday I was a busy man as welfare officer.  Got the crews' mess hall arranged for services with piano, record player and microphone.  Sent one boat at 1:30 PM to bring the Protestant chaplain and an hour later to bring the Catholic chaplain.  We had a better turn out than last week.  Guess the word got around.  Both services were very nice with choral music and piano accompaniment for the hymns that the men sang.

          After dinner I sat in at a poker game, 25 cent ante and $1.50 limit.  After a couple of hours it was time for movies, so I quit 25 cents to the good.  I only won two pots in all that time so you can see that they must have been good ones.

          Well honey, what's new?  By the time you get this letter you'll probably be shopping for a tree.  Do get a nice one and fix it up real pretty.  At least, I do want our girls to have one even if I can't be with you to decorate and enjoy it.

          Darling do you remember your first or should I say our first tree with the blue and while balls and bulbs?  And the lecture your cousin Leon gave you?  Well after this war we'll have many trees on many Xmases and let Leon or anyone else lecture someplace else.

          Good night my love, parting is such sweet sorrow, till we meet tomorrow. But tomorrow is still months away.




Note: The movie was "The Lodger" with Merle Oberon, Lair Cregar and George Saunders.