Packed Xmas Gifts

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
             Tuesday 17 October 1944, 8:30 PM

My Darling,

          This has been just another day of work.  Kept busy with patients all morning and afternoon.  I knocked off work at 3:30 and went to my room.  Spent the next hour packing up the box of gifts I'm sending on to you.  Most items have price tags still on so you can tell what you wish to give to whom.  After I finished wrapping the box I stowed all my gear in my locker and chest of drawers.  My how time flies when one is busy.  By the time I got straightened around it was 5:45 PM so I showered and changed for dinner.

          This evening I didn't go to the movies.  We had the same picture that I saw at the Officers' Club last night.  However I gave you the wrong title.  In last night's letter I called it "Marriage by Mistake." It should have been "Bride by Mistake."

          Don't know why I'm so tired tonight.  It hasn't been too hot; it has been raining most of the time.  I got plenty of sleep last night.  The yellow fever shot can't have taken effect so soon.  My cold is almost gone.  Still, I'm tired.  Guess I'll turn in and read for a while before turning off the light.

          Didn't get any mail today so no quiz program unless something comes in the morning.

          Good night my "Sweet."  I'll write some more in the AM.

Love and kisses




Wednesday 10:30 AM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Been rushing around all morning getting the package wrapped and took care of five patients.  Didn't find any mail this morning so there'll probably be a stack this afternoon.

          Honey, do you remember the long hours I used to put in working and how provoked you would get at times? Well, Sweet, after the war you're going to find a changed husband.  One who likes to come home early and spend more time with his family.

          No more news for now.  I'll close with all my love to you and our girls.