You May Not Get Mail Regularly

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
              Sunday 22 October 1944, 9:05 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello Sweet, did you have a pleasant Sunday?  Today is the day I usually spent with my girls. Oh well, after this is all over there'll be lots of Sundays for you and me with our two girls to keep us busy.

          This has been a rather quiet day.  I worked all morning and part of the afternoon.  About 3 o'clock I broke out a new phonograph we got and some recordings of radio programs.  We had a little trouble getting the machine hooked up but finally did.  Then we tried out a few of the programs and they will be swell when radio reception isn't favorable.

          The movie this evening was a real "oldie" but quite enjoyable--Bob Hope and Betty Hutton in "Let's Face It."  Although I had seen it before I got a lot of laughs out of it so it must have been good entertainment.

          What did you do today? Did you go over to Ruth's and have dinner there or is that program discontinued? I had expected to see Al today but it was impossible to reach him and I had the medical duty aboard.

          Please darling, be patient come what may.  You may not get all the answers and get mail regularly but believe me I love you, always have and always will.

          For a change,  this has been a cool and comfortable day.  A few clouds in the sky do make a difference especially when they get in the way of the sun.

          Sweetheart do you remember how you always had to prod me to write a letter.  Well dear after the war you are once again appointed official correspondent for the Steingarts.

          Good night darling and pleasant dreams.  Love and kisses to you and a couple of hugs for our girls.