Sanitary Inspection of Ship

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
             Tuesday 7 November 1944, 5:00 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello Sweetheart here I am again.  Because there is so little I can say I'll begin with I love you my darling.  Since yesterday it has been raining on and off all day and night.  My routine is unchanged with the exception of one additional duty.  The doctor banged his knee so I've been making the sanitary inspection throughout the ship.  It only takes about an hour.  But when it's hot, going up and down ladders, throughout all compartments of the ship sixty minutes is plenty long.  When I'm done I really need a complete change of clothes for I was soaked.

          That is all that is new.  There is plenty to eat and I get plenty of sleep.  There are some interesting things I would like to tell you but they will have to wait. 

          I'm going to sign off now Honey and with write more in the morning.  Good night and pleasant dreams.




Wednesday  8 November 1944, 11:15 AM

My darling,

          Good morning Dear, though lord knows what's good about it.  It's been raining steadily since last night and the only thing in its favor is that it is cooler.

          As I didn't make the sanitary inspection, I've been doing dentistry all morning.

          Sweet, do you remember how when it would rain, you'd bundle the kids into the car and come down to the office to pick me up?  Boy, oh boy, would I love to have that happen to me today.  After this war, I'm going to be a changed man.  All the little things that I took for granted will be looked forward to and enjoyed to the fullest.  It takes a separation such as this to wake a guy up.  I really never appreciated my blessings but believe me, from now on I will.

          Well dear, I'm going to close for lack of any more small talk.  With all my love I am

Devotedly yours