Lack of Points, Butter or Both?

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
          U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
            Thursday 19 October 1944, 3:00 PM

My Sweet,

          This afternoon's mail brought two letters from you and one from my cousin Fay Springer.  I dropped her a note after you sent on her New Year's greeting. Already having an answer is a surprise to say the least.  She is a very unhappy woman as you can see from her enclosed letter.

          I got off a letter to Edith so I hope she'll take care of the watch for me.  Outside of that all I've been doing all day is work, work, work.

          I am a little surprised at Deb's actions but I always told you that you were more concerned about her than she would be about you.  On the other had she is probably pretty upset if Dave is really going overseas; the 15 day leave would indicate just that to me

          Of course I want you to read the book!  I guess the title is a surprise so I'll be patient till it comes.  So the Corsos are at it again.  My, my.  Tomorrow they'll kiss and make up and get stiff again.  Guess I'll have to drop my mother a note though why she should be upset about Libby is a mystery.  By now they should be able to afford a home of their own.  Sounds like there are a lot of changes at home.  I didn't know butter was so low.  Is it a lack of points, butter or both?  What does Anne hear from Joe?

          I'm going to sign off now but will write more after the movie tonight.  Bye my love till tonight.



10:10 PM

Hello Darling,

          Had a pretty good movie tonight, "Step Lively" with Frank Sinatra and George Murphy.  A light, fast, and enjoyable musical

          This has been a nice day.  This evening it was especially enjoyable, sitting out on deck with the breezes blowing, enjoying an amusing picture.  Gee, it sure would have been fun to reach over and hold your hand or better yet to put my arm around you and have you rest your head on my shoulder.  Ah well, nice dreaming anyway.

          Honey, do you remember many years ago the first time we went to Arrowhead?  It was a beautiful starlit night and Eleanor and Gil took a walk along the lakeshore and held hands and then Gil stole a few kisses.  After this war let's go back and take that walk again or shall we just turn in early.  OK you talked me into it.

          Nothing more for now, Sweetheart. Goodnight and I'll see you in my dreams

Loving you always