Friday the 13th--Treated 13 Men

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
              Friday 13 October 1944, 9:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          This has been another busy day for me.  This is Friday the 13th.  I examined and treated 13 men.  If only I were superstitious I could begin worrying right now!

          This afternoon's mail brought a letter from you, one from Ethel and a card from my Mother.  Mary was all wet and in more ways than one.  They seem to be a sore spot with you so I'll not mention them anymore.

          Now for the quiz program. The Mess Treasurer collects the monthly mess charges from officers, pays for all food and supplies drawn from the ships commissary and submits a statement monthly of the status of the officer's mess.  What a mess! Just couldn't resist the pun.  No I didn't run in Al accidentally.  Yes darling I now have plenty of music.  In addition to what you've sent I chiseled a couple of song books from the local welfare and recreation office and also purchased a book in a music store.  Regarding John York: If you just turned the account over to them call them and tell them the account has been paid and to forget about it.  However, I believe they have had the account  for some time and you may have to pay them 25% for collection.  However, when I left they still owed me some money so you won't need to send them any payment.  What you wrote about Jules is typical of the Army.  They need dentists and yet the dentists they have do everything but dentistry.  However as for Germany fighting on to the bitter end, did you read where Lloyds of London is giving 4 to 1 odds that the European war will be over by November 1?

          I'm certainly not surprised about Dick.  Keeping the hours he's been keeping and the things he is doing certainly doesn't do much to keeping a fellow fit.  Yet I venture to say that Ruth and Harry will probably not do much about it and after a couple of weeks Dick will drift slowly back to his old routine.  I hope I'm wrong but that is my guess.

          Well honey, I've just about run out now.  One more item.  The movie tonight was "Rainbow Island," with Dorothy Lamour and Eddie Bracken and very enjoyable.

          Sweetheart, do you remember the El Dorado and our singing in bed before turning over?  Bet the neighbors thought we were drunk.  Maybe we were drunk with happiness.  After this war we must try that routine again if we can without waking the kids and the maid.

          Good night my darling.  I'm going to close this letter tonight because I have lots to do tomorrow morning.  I love you.