Perspiring Profusely

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Monday 8 January 1945, 7:10 PM

Dearest Eleanor,       

        Well it was fair and "warmer" today.  For my money, it can rain all the time.  I've been perspiring profusely all day whether I was working or just sitting or writing as I am at this moment.   My day began as usual with my dental appointments.  At eleven I was through and I retired to my room to do a little reading.  I finished Bromfield's "Until the Day Break" and will choose another book tonight.

       After lunch I discussed ways and means for future welfare activities with the skipper.  Then I went to work on the other necklace.  They are both finished now and wrapped, ready for mailing.  I'm going to try to send them airmail if I can.  When you send additional chains try and get the real fine ones.  I do think they look better that way.  That repair job I did on the faulty chain isn't too good so I'd suggest that you have a jeweler put a good link in the clasp otherwise the kids will lose it.  I'd suggest the heavier chain for Norma.

        Last night's movie was lousy.  Tonight we have Abbott and Costello in "Lost in a Harem." That should be good for a couple of laughs.

        Darling do you remember when I would insist on your going to movies you didn't care to see?  Well after this I'll be satisfied to stay home with you and play house with no arguments.

        No mail again today so there is little more I can add.

        Good night sweetheart, I'll see you in my dreams.