Can't Obtain Electric Shavers

Tuesday 10 October 1944,10:00 AM

Good Morning Sweet,

          Just got through reading the morning's mail.  I sure did hit the jackpot.  Three from you and notes from Taylor, Nina, Freda A., your mother, B'nai B'rith Bulletin and a note from the American Dental Association plus some Navy Department literature.

          I will answer the inquiry about Elaine immediately.  Of course Mary is all wet, and I wasn't scolding or being angry honey.  I was just trying to illustrate my point.  However enough said on the subject.

          How is the new girl panning out?   Twenty dollars a month for dancing school does seem quite high but once we leave here I won't spend half the amount I'm spending now and that will more than take care of it.  Anyway please don't worry about money.  I made some once and I'll do it again.

          Do you remember Linda's first Xmas?  How I wish I could just view the movies of that day now.  After the war I'm going to take more and more pictures.  As a matter of fact I wish I had brought my camera with me.  But then the expense would have been high.

          Honey I have an important errand for you.  Call Marty immediately and see if he can give you or get for you an electric shaver.  Any make will do, either new or used.  The Captain's burned out and there are none obtainable here.  If you get one, air mail it out immediately.  Also write as to what luck you've had finding one.

          Got to dash now so I'll sign off. Bye, Sweetheart.  I do love you and miss you and my girls a lot.