Liberty at a beautiful Honolulu home--The Willows Restaurant

Thursday, 14 September, 11:00 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Had liberty today and just got in.  First I stopped at a dental supply to get some teeth for a bridge I'm making.  Then Hansen and I had a couple of drinks and tried to do some shopping, but with no results.  I saw a cute house coat in a print for Linda but I wanted to get Norma one to match and they didn't have one.  I'll keep on looking until I find something in both sizes.

          Do you remember the dining car steward on the Challenger when we went east? A jolly Irishman. Always kidding.  Well we sat down for a drink and there was this civilian sitting there and kidding around.  We got to talking about the states and our home towns and all the time his face looked familiar.  When he mentioned being on the train I knew immediately where I had seen him before.  Anyway he told us about a place to go for a drink and a bite to eat.  We had a hard time finding it, but it was really worthwhile.  A beautiful home with gorgeous grounds was my first impression.  Umbrella tables and chairs were set out on the lawn and then there was a pagoda-like structure with more tables in that.  Besides this structure was a large pool just seething with fish of different varieties that I don't know.  But there were goldfish more than 12 inches long.  We threw bread on the water and the fish practically jumped out of the water to get it.  After spending a pleasant few hours there, Ambie and I returned to the ship.

          You've probably gathered by now that Ambie and I are pretty friendly.  Well, we are and we make all our liberties together.  He is a Swede, about 31, married with a daughter of six.  He is one heck of a lot of fun.  Good night dear, I'll finish in the morning.

Friday 8:15 AM

Good morning darling,
          Did you sleep well? 

          At breakfast, Ambie and I were telling the boys about the place we found and they all laughed at us.  You see Ambie is a
"Baron Munchhausen" and they think he dreamed this one up to.  However we'll show them.

          This being the 15th, I drew my semi-monthly pay and am wondering what to spend it on.  Since I left the states, money doesn't mean anything to me anymore.  I've got it and feel like spending it, after all that's what it's for.  You mentioned a wristwatch.  What kind would you like? I'd like to get you one for your birthday.  No use waiting until after the war.

          Got another note from Libby and one from Earl Bubar about Past President's Night at the B'nai B'rith.  I guess I'll have to write to the lodge now even if I don't feel like it.  In a few days now, Linda and Norma should be receiving their little surprise.  I hope they like it.

          Sweetheart, here I've raved for three pages and said very little but nonsense.  Do you remember the Colonial Mansion we stopped at in Upper New York with the twin double beds and I had a cold?  After the war, after Chicago, on our way to Philadelphia let's stop there.  I won't have a cold this time.

          How is school?  How did Linda like going back again?  Does Norma fuss when Linda goes or does she understand?  It's nine o'clock and I've a patient waiting.  So darling, goodbye until later.  I love you so.

Your husband


Lt. (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O. San Francisco