Went to USO Show. Jack Benny Really Can Play the Violin

Tuesday 12 September 1944, 10:15 PM

Dear Eleanor,

          Another busy day, but not doing any dentistry.  As welfare officer, I arranged an outing a to a nearby beach for the crew and did we enjoy it.  All the beer and coke we could drink with charcoal broiled steaks and hot dogs for lunch.  We left at 8:15 AM and returned at 4:30 PM.  Played 5 games of volleyball, swam before lunch and again after lunch.  We had a lot of fun and I really think it did the men a lot of good.  I got a little sunburned and now I'm plenty tired.  Guess I'll survive OK.

          Jack Benny, Carol Landis, Martha Tilton and some others whose names meant nothing to me recently put on a USO Camp Show here.  I obtained a couple of tickets so the Captain and I went.  Benny really can play the violin.  Do you remember the harmonica player* at Earl Carroll's when the Old Home ran its benefit there?  Well that man was also in this show and he was really good.  Of course Carol Landis with her well built chassis and suggestive songs and stories stole the show.  However they were all good and I enjoyed being there.

          My mother won't worry about me so much because by now she should have received my last note.  Sorry to hear Deb is ailing again.  She really has had a time with her bladder.  Hope you enjoy teaching, but really if you find it difficult, forget it.

          There should be more than $134 in the reserve account.  You'd better check with the bank on that.  The balance is in the back of the day book.  Deb or Miss Earnest could help you find it.

          No I've not taken any more shots and won't unless the locale we are in demands it.  Well darling I'm really pooped and must turn in. 

          Do you remember the moonlit rides we used to take in Catalina, music and all?

 After this war let's go back and take some more.  Just you and I.

Goodnight darling, love


*Just remembered.  Larry Adler is his name.

Lt. (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O San Francisco