World Gets Smaller All the Time

Saturday 17 September 1944, 9:45 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just got back from liberty and decided to write a few lines.  Breakfast, as usual this morning, then a little work in my office.  Before noon I chased down to the prosthetic lab to pick up some castings for that bridge I'm making.  Returned to the ship for lunch and then Hansen, Cox and I went on liberty.  We had a couple of drinks in a couple of bars and then went to the place I described to you in detail last time.  We spent the afternoon there and didn't leave until 7:00 PM.

          While we were sitting there, in walked three couples, and one of the girls looked familiar.  Do you remember the McCloud girl who taught Hy and me tap dancing?  Well it was she.  She came out here to get married and the big event is coming off next week.  I just said, "Santa Monica."  She looked around and when she saw me came over and shook hands.  This world gets smaller all the time.  We left and got a bus to go back to the ship and who would get on but Dr. Matson who was in San Diego with me and then sent to the Sea Bees.  He's on his way but doesn't know where.

          So much for now dear, I've had quite a few drinks and am pretty high.  Will finish in the morning.  Good night my darling and pleasant dreams.

Sunday, 8:45 AM

          Good morning, Sweet, how are you today?  Note the difference in the writing?  Last night I wrote on my cot, now I'm at my desk in the office.

          By the way I picked up a newspaper, a day or two old this morning.  There was a picture of the young lady I mentioned having met last night.  I evidently got the name wrong.  It is Valerie McCoy.  I believe Babs took "tap" from her.

          Tonight I'll attend the Rosh Hashanah service here.  Today, although it is Sunday, work goes on a usual.  I have a patient in the chair and am waiting for some Novocain to take effect before I go to work.  No mail yesterday so I hope to get a couple of letters today.  If not I'll probably hit the jackpot tomorrow.

          Sweetheart today is the 17th and our home is now available.  Gee, I wish I was there to help you get settled.  Please take it easy.  If you can't get moved in in a couple of days, take a week.  There really is no hurry.  You still have a roof over your head.

          Do you remember the Stevens Hotel in Chicago overlooking the lake? After this war let's go back to Chicago and maybe go on from there to Canada and visit with Belle and Charlie.  Have you heard from them recently?

          Well darling, I must go to work now.  I'm always thinking of you and love you so.

Your impatient husband


Lt. (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O San Francisco