Yahtzeit Candles for Parents Who Have Passed On, Jews Killed by Nazis, and Comrades Who Gave Their Lives

Lt (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
             USS Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
        Wednesday 27 September 1944, 10:00 PM

Good evening Dearest,

          Just got back from the movie.  The picture was "The Whistler" with Richard Dix.  I think we saw it together in Diego.  Anyway, it was something to pass the time away.

          This has been a rather uneventful day.  Worked this morning and after lunch got permission to attend the Yizkor Service.  The service was simple and the sermon to the point.  There were three Yahtzeit candles burning in the pulpit.  One memorializing the parents of those present who had passed on, the second in memory of the Jews who had been killed by the Nazis in Europe and the third in memory of our shipmate and comrades who gave their lives in this war.  Wish you could have heard the sermon.  The essence of it is that no one lives a complete life.  All die leaving work to be done and it is up to the living to continue and finish the job that those that have gone one started.

          When I returned I found another letter from you. The news and tone of the missive made me feel much better.  Now that Norma is well and you have someone to help you I hope that you'll take it easy and not wear yourself out or worry about me.

          Now for the quiz program.  I don't know about the candy situation because I've never gone out to buy any.  However I still have some of the taffies left so you can forget that.  As far as Xmas gifts forget that also.  If I want to pass any out I'll be able to handle it OK. And "do you really like my picture?"  Silly girl.  I'm nuts about it though I must say that a smile will go a long, long way.  A snap showing that you can still smile will make me very happy.  That is all for now dear, I'll finish in the morning.  Good night dearest.

Thursday 28 September 1944,  7:55 AM

          Good morning Sweet, how about a nice hug and kiss. Mm, thank you.  Gee, we sure slept well last night, didn't we.  The kids didn't make a sound all night, guess they're all well now. Swell!!

          Well dear, the isn't much more to tell since last night.  I read a magazine for about half an hour after I got into my sack and then turned the light out.  This morning seems fresh and cool.  Had my usual juice and coffee for breakfast and soon my first patient will be here.  Do you remember how, at times, you'd get up and join me when I had my coffee-cake and milk before I dashed off to work?  Those were the days.  After this war you and I will do everything together, even down to eating breakfast.

          And so, my love, my darling, I must close again.  I'll be with you again this evening.  Until then

With all my love


P.S. When shall I begin addressing mail to 714 Euclid?