Eating, Working and Loafing

Tuesday 29 August 1944, Morning 

Dearest Eleanor,

          Good morning my Sweet. I dreamt about you last night.  Wow, what a dream!  It was all mixed up but did we have fun!

          Yesterday was just another day.  The usual routine of eating, working and loafing.  Saw a very amusing movie last night  I'm sure you'd enjoy it. "Allergic to Love" with Martha O'Driscoll and Noah Berry, Jr.  It's all about this couple that gets married and every time they kiss the wife gets an attach of hay fever--some fun.


If it is I won't be going ashore until Friday.

          Don't worry about money.  I cashed a $20 check with Dr. Gilman before we left and since then got paid.  I still have over $70 and there will be another pay day Thursday.  I'm sure I can more than get along on what I get here


Got a letter from Deb yesterday, but nothing else.  Bet I get several today.

          Glad to hear Linda is doing so well.  I'd love to hear some of Norma's chatter, but then I'd love to be with all three of my girls.  Sweetheart your last letters sounded like you were so unhappy.  Please don't let this get you down.  This mess will be over soon.  We're young and we'll have lots of good times together.

          Remember, we always enjoyed life and made the most of everything and when we are together again we'll have first, a swell second honeymoon, and then resume where we left off.

          It's time for me to go to work darling. So bye until tomorrow.

Loving you always,