Anyone Who Hasn't Made a Payment Needs Jacking Up

Monday 4 September 1944, 8:15 AM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Yesterday was my duty day--just another day aboard.  Nothing of interest to talk about.  The movie we had was "Dark Mountain."  If it comes your way, miss it--just a waste of time.

          I forgot to answer a question in yesterday's letter regarding accounts.  You don't have to bother with Miss Earnest.  Anyone who hasn't made a payment since August 1st needs jacking up.  If they have a phone, call them.  If not turn them over to the California Professional Bureau.  A small piece is better than nothing.

          A few of us got together yesterday on the subject of babies, obstetricians, etc. and I was able to make several enlightening remarks on the subject.  Then we talked about buying items of wear for the better half and again I put in my two cents.  You see, we have so much time with so little to do that I really solve all worldly problems.  Yes, I can hear you now, "If you have so much time why not write longer letters and more often?"  Yes, my sweet, but for reasons that I can't mention it is difficult to write now and besides what shall I write about?  The weather is constant, warm with blue skies and occasional white clouds.  No rain in the past week.  Evenings are cool and comfortable.  I'm well and miss you and the kids terribly.  So I can repeat the above twice a day, day in and day out.  The censors will pass that but it is silly to repeat same and nothing else.

          I'm going on liberty this morning.  Your package has been on its way for about a week.  Maybe I'll find something for the kids that I can send off immediately.

          Well Sweetheart, nothing else to gab about and besides I have a couple of patients waiting.  Will write again tonight when I return if there is anything at all to tell.  In the meantime be good and don't upset yourself about nothing.  I love you and always will.

Your loving husband


Lt (jg) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O. San Francisco