Installing a Card File System for Our Library

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
                                U.S.S. Ocelot
                         F.P.O. San Francisco

Thursday 21 September 1944

Dearest Eleanor,

          Hello darling.  Just came out from the movie and now we'll have our little visit.  The picture, "Wing and a Prayer," was quite good but still not what the men want.  Give them gals in their birthday suits or as close to that as you can.  Then they are happy.

          This has been a quiet day.  Did some work this morning and some after lunch and the rest of the time odd and end duties and chores.  For one thing I placed an order for additional recreational games.  I intend to install a complete card file system for our library and catalogue the books by title and author.  The fleet librarian is helping out.  It shouldn't be too difficult a job.

          Discussed censorship with the executive officer.  A few items I purchased to send home won't be able to leave for quite some time.  I did order something for you birthday which you should receive on the day and also I found something I think you'll like that I'll send right off.  However some books for Linda, hankies and a charm bracelet will have to wait.  Please understand dear.  I can't just send anything I like as can shore based personnel.

          No mail today so I'll expect a couple tomorrow.  I hope Linda is completely recovered by now.  I still don't know what to get Norma.  I can get some dolls from the Army Exchange.  How about a suggestion.  With no letter from you I have no question so--no answers.

          Do you remember the play "Lysistrata?"  The spelling is probably wrong, but after the war when I come back I'll be in the same condition as portrayed by the returning warriors in the play and you'd better not try any holding out.  Good night my Sweet.

Loving you as ever