Work as Ship's Welfare Officer

Tuesday 5 September, 8:15 AM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Good morning my Sweet, how are you today?  Had liberty yesterday and spent all morning looking for a pin you would like.  Guess there "ain't no such animule."  They all know what I'm looking for but no one has any.  Returned to the ship for lunch and then Cox, Glass and Yours Truly went into town.  We dropped in on the Rikes whom I've mentioned before and they were as gracious as ever.  We drank and ate canap├ęs all afternoon.  In fact we ate so much we didn't need dinner.  Got back to the ship about 9:30 and visited with the other officers in the ward room for an hour or so and then turned in.

          Got two letters from you yesterday.  You seem to have plenty to keep you busy.  Being welfare officer aboard this ship is giving me a little extra work to do.  This morning I must go out and purchase some supplies and equipment for the officers and crew recreation.  I just arranged for a gift for the kids, and Mrs. Rike promised to get it off for me within the next day or so.  I can't tell you why they are getting if off for me but may be able to later.

          Well dear, such is my routine.  Not much to do and yet not enough time to do things I'd like to do.  What are you going to do about teaching?  If you have to pay help $25 per week, I don't think substitute teaching would be worthwhile, considering how it would wear you out and such.  Again I say don't worry about the money.  If teaching will help occupy your time all right but we'll get by without the additional income.

          I didn't go to the movie last night--got back too late.  "Phantom Lady" with Franchot Tone was the feature.  We saw it together I believe.  If we didn't, see it when you get a chance but have someone with you to hold your hand (female preferred).  I'm way behind on my correspondence to everyone and will have to take a day off and write an original and a dozen duplicates to all.

          Nothing more now dear, take it easy and don't worry about me.



Lt (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O. San Francisco