Bought Grass Skirts

Wednesday 30 August 1944, 8:00 AM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Good morning dear.  How about a nice big kiss?  Thank you Sweet, that was nice.  Went on liberty yesterday.  Stopped downtown and did some shopping.  I am sending you a house dress, sun suit, and blouse.  For Norma and Linda I am sending grass skirts.  Here is an interesting item about the grass skirts that are sold to be sent out of the island.  The grass skirt that is straw colored is made of material purchased in the States.  The skirts that are made up of different colors are made of the bark of a tree obtained in the Society Islands in the French East Indies.  I'm sending the kids the East Indian variety.  Your sun suit is called a "malo" and has a sarong and skirt all in one piece and a bra.  The salesgirl put the ties through the loops and tied them so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting into it.

          After my shopping, Graves (one of the officers aboard) and I went to the beach.  As I told you


What a difference!  By then we were hungry so we hunted until we found a good Chinese restaurant. I still like shrimp, et. al.  Did we eat!

          Well darling after dinner we walked around and at 8:15 caught a bus back to the base.  Hope I get some mail this morning.  Got a letter from Deb on Monday but none from you and none yesterday either.  But then, that's just the way the mail is nowadays.

          My yesterday's letter was slightly cut up just because I suggested the


we would



          No more for the present Sweetheart.  Time to go to work.  Till tomorrow then