Met an Old Maid and Her Mother in Honolulu

Monday 28 August 1944, 8:20 AM
Dearest Wife,

          Good morning.  You're still asking questions and I'll try and answer them.  Those people I met in town are an old maid of at least 45 and her mother.  They've lived in

for over 20 years.  I didn't look at their bank account so I can't tell you if they're well off or not.  They were very hospitable to us considering that three of the four of us were total strangers.  We left at six even though we were asked to stay for supper.  Ate in town and returned to the ship.  There is no evening.  We are usually on the way back to the base not later than 8:30.  I've been asking about "The Anchor."  No one knows what it is although I can make a pretty good guess.

          Tomorrow I go on liberty and intend to do some shopping.  I know you write long letters dear, but there is nothing to write about and what there is to tell can't be told because of censorship.  I haven't been off this ship since Thursday so--I get up, shower, shave, eat breakfast and then to work.  At noon, dinner, then maybe a game or two of checkers and more work.  Then supper and a social hour in the ward room.  Movies at 7:45 PM.  Last night we saw a stinker.  First an Edgar Kennedy short and then some picture based on "Are These Our Children" which was lousy.  Then back to the ward room for awhile and so to bed.  Interesting isn't it?

          I've only missed writing one day since we left Diego so if you haven't received all my letters you will.  I'll try to look up some of those people.  When I talked to the chaplain yesterday he suggested my coming over to his office.  He said he could help me find whomever I was looking for.

          I dropped Leon a note last week, also my sister.  We'll see if Leon answers.  If not then he is a rat.

          So long darling, I must go to work now.  Till later

Your loving husband