On Liberty Bought Nothing But Beer

Thursday 7 September 1944, 7:50 AM

Good Morning Sweetheart,

          How are you this morning?  How about a great big kiss?  Thank you dear!  Yesterday, I stayed on the ship until after lunch.  Then Ambie and I went on liberty.  We walked and window shopped most of the afternoon but bought nothing except a few beers.  That's the way liberty is.

          Got 6 letters yesterday, 5 from you and one from Mother.  I wish there were some answers to you questions but there aren't.  Probably, you'll be getting mail from me regularly for some time.  No use expecting me back in the States for a while but then no one can tell.  I can't say more even though I'd like to.

          At this place I wear my greys exclusively, minus the blouse.  The pants and shirt with black tie are the uniform of the day for work and play.  Occasionally you see a white dress uniform but they are only worn at formal affairs.

          I'm making a mental note about the novelty jewelry you mention.  I'll see what I can find the next time I go on liberty.

          Now dear, there is no use fussing about the length of my letters.  I can't repeat "I love you" for three or four pages without seeming silly.  My activity is limited in its scope and then there is very little I may write about.  As for writing in the morning that seems to be the best time because then the letter leaves the same day.  I wrote Linda recently and will write again soon.  I really must settle down and write to Deb and Dave, Ruth, and Libby, besides all the friends (?) we have.  So you see I've got lots of writing to do.

          Well, my Sweet, that's all for now.  We'll have to make the best of a bad situation and hope that conditions will change soon.

Loving you as ever


PS I'm enclosing a memo regarding household effects.


Lt. (jg) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O. San Francisco