The Rats Never Answered my Letters

Thursday 7 September 1944, 3:30 PM

Dearest Eleanor,

          Just got back from


Had some things to take care of as welfare officer for the ship.  I found the letter I had written you yesterday had been held up because of certain items. From now on I shall confine myself to strictly personal affairs and will not mention anything about where I go or do related to my duties.

          Do you remember Andy Wise, a patient of mine? Well I recently ran into him in my meandering about.  We had quite a talk.  It sure felt good to see an old face.  Jackson was also up to see me several days ago but I was not around.

          The movie I saw aboard Tuesday night was "Chatterbox" with Joe E Brown and Judy Canova and it was "lousy."  The mail is sporadic.  One day nothing and then I hit the jackpot.  Nothing to do about it I guess but just put up with it.

          I haven't written Marty, Sam, etc. because the way I feel now I don't care if I never hear from them.  The rats never answered when I wrote from Diego and if I write now they'd probably take a long time answering.  As long as I hear from you I'm content, Dear.  So who care about the rest of them? No word from Leon either.  I now owe letters to your mother and mine, Deb and Dave, Ruth plus all those I should drop notes to, so I've plenty to do.

          Guess under the circumstances you'll have to put up with my short, rambling letters.  I love you darling and will make it up to you when I return.  We'll do all the things we're missing now and then some.  Kisses and hugs to all my girls and regards to the clan.

Your lonely


Lt (j.g.) G. Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot
F.P.O. San Francisco